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What is Industrial Temperature Profiling?

Temperature profiling is the process of recording and interpreting temperatures of products as they move through either a conveyorized or batch heating process (typically an oven or furnace). The collected numeric data is converted by temperature analysis software into meaningful information and displayed as a graph – thermal profile.

This information tells you what temperatures your product reached, for how long and at what point of the process. Process engineers know what the perfect profile for their product should be and variations from the ideal indicate a potential problem or unacceptable quality. By analyzing the thermal profile, you are able to verify and improve product quality, increase throughput and solve production problems.

The necessary components of an effective temperature profiling system include: thermocouple sensors to gather temperature information, data acquisition loggers to collect the data, thermal barriers to protect the data loggers, and most importantly, temperature profiling software for the analysis and archiving of all temperature data.

To learn more about thermal profiling in various industrial applications, please visit our Video Library and view Temperature Profiling: Understanding the Basics White Paper (PDF).

Benefits of Temperature Profiling

  • Improved product quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized energy costs
  • Validated process control (QS/ISO9001)
  • Efficient and fast new process setup
  • Quick troubleshooting
Datapaq offers temperature profiling systems in six major areas:
Oven Tracker® Systems for the finishing, paint and powder coating industries
Furnace Tracker® Systems for heat treatment processes and furnace surveys
Kiln Tracker® Systems for tunnel & roller hearth kilns used in the process of firing ceramic products
Reflow Tracker® Systems for PCB and electronics board manufacturing
Solar Tracker® Systems for solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing
Food Tracker® Systems for food processing
Additional Resources
Video Library - To learn more about how our systems are used in industrial applications, please visit our video library.
Articles & White Papers - Browse our library of articles & white papers about temperature profiling systems and their applications in our Literature & Downloads section.
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