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SolarPaq System for Contact Drying

Monitors the contact drying process of silicon PV cell manufacturing
Powerful and user-friendly Insight™ analysis software
Obtain accurate repeatable results for process optimization
Optimize final product efficiency through correct drying of every cell
Quickly plot changes in oven performance, minimizing downtime
 DQ18 Data Logger
Q18 DQ1863 Data Logger Datapaq Q18 - Drying Process Solar Contact Drying Insight Software
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Product Description

The Datapaq® SolarPaq temperature profiling system for the contact drying process is based around the new, low height DQ1840 datalogger. This instrument has been specifically designed for the drying process, where the oven clearance can be as low as 10 mm (.39 inches). The logger height of 9 mm (.35 inches) and the high thermal mass case enable it to pass through the process with minimal disruption to normal production workflow. It is only 85 mm (3.35 inches) wide, so it can fit comfortably between the cell supports.

For detailed information and system specifications, download the brochures SolarPaq for Profiling the Contact Drying Process and Datapaq SolarPaq - One Profiling System for Both Contact Drying and Firing Processes (PDF).

Insight Software for Solar Tracker

To learn more about the new features and benefits of Insight V8.10 software, fill out our brief form.

This newly designed software has been created specifically for use within the PV solar industry and contains many process-specific analysis displays. Wizards guide the users step-by-step, ensuring that both experienced and novice users obtain maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.

Data Logger

The DQ1840 is housed in a rugged machined stainless steel case. It is designed to reflect the heat energy from the infra-red heaters. The remaining heat energy slowly heats up the high mass case protecting the electronics from the environment. The status indicators and buttons are all recessed to protect them from direct heating and minimize heat entry to the logger circuits. The logger can be used in short processes of up to 300°C without the need for additional thermal protection. It is idealy suited to the needs of the drying process used in many PV manufacturing lines.


Datapaq recommend the use of fine wire PTFE insulated thermocouples. These can be attached quickly and easily to the cell being tested using high temperature adhesive tape. The PA0061 is a 1m long thermocouple manufactured to conform to the highest accuracy standard (ANSI MC96.1) and supplied with a flatted foil tip for fastest response time.

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