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Solar Tracker Systems

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SolarPaq Profiling System for CiGs Panel Coating
This newly introduced Datapaq® SolarPaq temperature profiling system for CiGs Panel Coating monitors the glass substrate as it passes through the vacuum coating process.
SolarPaq Profiling System for Anti-reflection Coating
The Datapaq® SolarPaq temperature profiling system for anti-reflection coating monitors the temperature profile of photovoltaic (PV) cells as they pass through the plasma coating process without interference and costly modifications to the cell carrier.

SolarPaq System for Contact Drying
The unique Datapaq SolarPaq temperature profiling system for the contact drying process can be used to monitor the temperature profile through ovens with clearances as low as only 10 mm (.39 inches). The new high-mass datalogger alleviates the need to use a thermal barrier, ensuring that optimizing the drying process is quick and easy.
SolarPaq System for Contact Firing
The Datapaq SolarPaq temperature profiling system for contact firing processes uses a radical new probe clamp and enables accurate and repeatable measurements on a production cell without the need for gluing or test piece set-up.
SolarPaq System for Lamination
The Datapaq SolarPaq temperature profiling system for the vacuum lamination process is an easy, quick solution to temperature monitoring without the need for trailing thermocouples or risk of damage to the lamination equipment.
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