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Furnace Tracker

Reliable and accurate profiling systems for harsh and hot environments
Easy-to-use Insight™ analysis software
Advanced Temperature Uniformity Survey software package for real-time monitoring
Selection of compact and highly accurate data loggers
Wide range of thermal barriers and thermocouples to suit various process needs
Datapaq TP3 Data Logger
TP3 Data Logger TB4900 Thermal Barrier Furnace Tracker Software
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Thermal Profiling in High Temperature Heat Treatment
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Product Description

Datapaq® Furnace Tracker® Systems offer accurate and reliable in-process temperature surveying for various types of heat treating applications in the aluminum, steel, glass, forging and aerospace industries. To meet very specific system requirements, the Furnace Tracker System can be assembled from a selection of data loggers, protective thermal barriers and thermocouples, and completed with Insight profiling software for data storage and analysis.

For detailed information, download the Furnace Tracker product brochure (PDF).

Insight Software for Furnace Tracker

To learn about the new features and benefits of Insight V8.10 software, fill out our brief form.

Available in two options, Insight Software provides excellent profiling and analysis software for the heat treating industry:

1. Comprehensive Insight Software package features user-friendly wizards guide, key analysis functions, such as Max/Min, Rise/Fall, Slope and Peak Difference, alarms for out of tolerance processes, as well as easy applicable process files that provide details of the furnace, 'recipe' and product. For detailed information, download the following support material:

2. Temperature Uniformity Survey, the advanced software package for real-time data monitoring with TM21 Radio Telemetry System, separates both profiling and surveying functions, each having its own wizards and analysis tabs. This software automatically performs full analysis calculations, allows for real-time alarms and alerts when critical events take place during the survey, and instantly prints a survey report complying with AMS2750E Standard. For detailed information, download the following support material:

Selection of Temperature Data Loggers for Furnace Tracker System

Datapaq TP3 Data Logger - 4th generation of Tpaq loggers, robust stainless steel machined case and a choice of 10 or 20 channel loggers, with 3.6 million data points and high accuracy for the most demanding applications. For detailed information, download the Datapaq TP3 data logger brochure. To learn how the Datapaq TP3 can benefit your operation, download the 3 Key Wins document.

Watch Datapaq TP3 Temperature Data Logger in heat treatment applications

Datapaq Q18 Data Logger - designed using the latest miniaturized electronic packaging technology, combines speed of readings, superb accuracy and high resolution all in one versatile unit. For detailed information, download the Datapaq Q18 Data Logger brochure (PDF).

Datapaq XDL12 Data Logger - a rugged, accurate and easy-to-use data logger designed for temperature uniformity surveying in batch and vacuum furnaces where data collection, external to the furnace is desirable to ensure compliance with the AMS2750E & CQI-9 standards. For detailed information, download the Datapaq XDL12 Data Logger brochure (PDF).

Thermal Barriers

Datapaq offers the widest range of thermal barriers designed for a variety of furnaces and processes, as well as hostile environments. From a 41mm/1.6" high barrier that can protect for 7 minutes at 600°C/1100°F or a heavyweight that can withstand 800°C/1475°F for 20 hours to barriers that are used in reheat processes or quenches, Datapaq has a barrier to suit your process.

View our list of thermal barriers for the Furnace Tracker System.


Thermocouple probes are an essential part of a Datapaq Temperature Profiling system. They are placed at critical points on the product to give a clear profile of the temperature throughout the process. All Datapaq probes conform to the highest standards and provide the most accurate data possible. Datapaq offers a wide variety of PTFE, Glass Fiber or Mineral Insulated thermocouples to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures.

For detailed information, download our list of thermocouples (PDF).


The Datapaq TP3 Radio Telemetry System allows you to see in real time what happens to your product during the heat treatment process. You can compare actual product temperatures to specifications during the process and optimize cycle times.

For detailed information, download the Datapaq TP3 Radio Telemetry System brochure (PDF).

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