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Oven Tracker Systems Oven Tracker Systems
These systems provide reliable and accurate in-process oven temperature profiling for the finishing, paint and powder coating industries. Datapaq® offers two standard systems – the Oven Tracker® XL2 and EasyTrack®3, as well as custom systems to suit your individual application.
Furnace Tracker Systems Furnace Tracker Systems
Extremely durable Datapaq temperature profiling systems are used in harsh environments in high temperature heat treatment processes and furnace surveys in the aluminum, steel, glass, foundry, aerospace and other industries.
Kiln Tracker Systems Kiln Tracker Systems
These rugged and accurate systems are used to profile temperature in tunnel, hydro and roller hearth kilns in firing ceramic products, such as bricks, roof tiles, tableware, sanitaryware, clay blocks and more.
Reflow Tracker Systems Reflow Tracker Systems
Datapaq Reflow Tracker systems are easy-to-use and profile thermal processes for PCB manufacturing in rework stations, solder mask ovens and high temperature furnaces.
Solar Tracker Systems Solar Tracker Systems
Datapaq has customized temperature profiling systems designed for specific use in solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing. Our solutions are ideal for contact firing, contact drying, anti-reflection coating of the solar cell, lamination of the solar panel and other related thin film processes.
Food Tracker Systems Food Tracker Systems
Datapaq Food Tracker® Systems offer a reliable means of measuring and logging the true product and environmental temperatures in food processing, including cooking, frying, chilling and freezing — essential requirements for HACCP regulations and process validation.

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