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No trailing thermocouples: Inline temperature profiling solution for vapor phase soldering

May 07, 2013
Cambridge, UK - Datapaq has customized a temperature profiling solution for vapor phase soldering for an electronics supplier to the automotive, aerospace, military, and medical industries. The comeback of vapor phase soldering (or condensation reflow) as an efficient technology for small batches of high-value electronic assemblies calls for state-of-the-art quality assurance measures without the drawback of trailing sensor cables. Accordingly, the DQ1862 data logger and the corresponding thermal barrier have been developed for inline application. Both being extra small, they can simply be placed inside the carrier tray along with SMD packages. The logger records a detailed temperature profile of the complete pre-heat and vapor soldering process. The accompanying Insight software provides for in-depth analysis and clear visualization. The system is used to compare the performance of various machines and ensure that all are optimized, contributing to minimal reject rates. Without trailing thermocouple cables, profiling is now conducted safely, quickly, and easily. Based on the Datapaq solution the customer has reduced setup times considerably.
Datapaq solution for for vapor phase soldering Figure: The small DQ1862 data logger is protected by a thermal barrier customized for the limited space available in vapor soldering processes

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