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Profiling technology for contact paste driers and contact firing furnaces with a very low clearance

March 10, 2015

Cambridge, UK – The new Datapaq SolarPaq temperature profiling system is a combined solution for photovoltaic cell contact drying and firing processes. To ensure efficient energy use, ovens and furnaces used in the solar/PV industry are built with low entrance and exit heights. Consequently, in-process temperature monitoring requires special technology. Datapaq has designed an ultrathin logger (9 mm) and thermal barrier (16 mm) which can be used in all these processes. The DQ1840 steel-cased logger, developed from the established Q18 line, performs the majority of profiling runs without extra thermal protection. It withstands up to three minutes at up to 300 °C. For use in firing furnaces, Datapaq supplies the TB7237 thermal barrier which provides protection at up to 800 °C for 45 s or at 400 °C for 4 min.

Datapaq temperature profiling solution for contact drying and firing processes Figure: The new, dual-use profiling solution enables engineers to thermally optimize drying ovens and firing furnaces even where clearances are limited to 10 and 16 mm respectively

The Datapaq system is delivered ready for use and includes a data logger, an optional thermal barrier, high and low temperature thermocouples, and Datapaq Insight Solar software. The industry-specific software quickly transforms temperature data into meaningful, clear information as a basis for production decisions. By means of the new, dual-use profiling system, manufacturers can ensure photovoltaic panels with optimal efficiency through the correct drying and firing of every cell.

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