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Datapaq at SEPEM Industries Avignon

Temperature profiling in industrial heat treatment
December 03, 2013
Cambridge, UK - At the SEPEM Industries 2014 exhibition in Avignon (28-30 January), Datapaq (hall B, booth A4) will show a selection of temperature monitoring solutions. Consisting of software, a data logger with a protective thermal barrier, and thermocouples, the systems are used to control and optimize various heat treatment processes. The Oven Tracker series, for instance, is used in paint and coating applications. Furnace Trackers monitor high-temperature processes such as furnace surveys and steel production. Reflow Trackers are specially designed for the electronics industry, with accessories such as practical frames and sensor brackets enabling simple, efficient handling even with space constraints. Applications include reflow soldering, wave soldering, vapor phase soldering, tack/cure, conformal coating.

Datapaq data logger TPaq21

Figure: High-performance thermal barriers enable temperature measurement directly in the oven. The analysis software is tailored to each specific industry and application.

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