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Insight 8.0 software release

In-depth temperature profiling, easy process validation
July 02, 2015

Cambridge, UK – Datapaq launches version 8.0 of the Insight software including Furnace, Oven, and Kiln versions, and other industry-specific software packages. The 8.0 release supports the new DATAPAQ TP3 loggers with up to 20 thermocouple channels. It enables ten consecutive measurement runs and up to ten events per run, i.e. users can set individual intervals for process phases. Recorded temperature profiles can be made available in separate files or merged into a single file for comfortable and flexible viewing and analysis. Users can perform temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) and system accuracy tests (SAT) and generate reports that comply with AMS 2750E and CQI-9. Advanced logger diagnostics, automatic correction, and re-calibration ensure high data quality. The software displays the battery status and remaining available memory in hours - with 20 connected thermocouples and a 1 s measurement interval, the large memory stores up to 50 hours' worth of data.

Datapaq Insight 8.0 software image Illustration: Insight 8.0 supports the new twenty-channel data loggers with different thermocouple types and customer-choice batteries

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