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Reflow oven performance closely monitored: Datapaq Surveyor

July 29, 2014

Cambridge, UK – An easy-to-use temperature profiling solution that helps electronics manufacturers achieve best efficiency and repeatability in reflow processes, the Datapaq Surveyor is designed specifically to detect long-term trends in oven performance. Based on these data, users can make informed decisions about oven maintenance and adjustments. The system, which is based on the class-leading Q18 data logger and a thermal barrier, is suitable for regular measurement runs. The Surveyor frame holds six thermocouples. The system is simply placed on the conveyor or edge rails and passes through the process, recording temperature data across the width and length of the oven. When the system exits the oven, the data is downloaded to the Surveyor software which will give an immediate pass/fail indication as well as conduct detailed data analysis to show exactly where any process variation is occurring. Wizards guide operators step-by-step through the automatic set-up and analysis functions, eliminating the possibility of error and ensuring maximum reproducibility of results.

Datapaq Surveyor Figure: The Surveyor holding frame ensures repeatable measurement set-ups in reflow processes

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