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Nadcap and CQI-9-compliant process validation

October 11, 2016

Fluke Process Instruments will be at the Advanced Engineering exhibition in Birmingham at booth K11, showcasing temperature measurement and validation systems such as the new Datapaq TP3 data logger. This 20-channel logger performs temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) and system accuracy tests (SAT) compliant with CQI-9 and Nadcap AMS 2750E. Featuring a large memory for 3.6 million data points, it records detailed temperature profiles with an accuracy of ±0.3 °C. The channels can be flexibly specified for different thermocouple types and for up to four analog sensors. The Datapaq TP3 provides full connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB download as well as real-time data transfer via radio. Users can perform ten consecutive profiling runs before downloading to a computer via USB or Bluetooth. The manufacturer also offers an unparalleled range of industry-specific pyrometers, infrared linescanners, and thermal imagers. Raytek MP150 infrared linescanners ensure correct thermal treatment and 100% quality control and documentation of processed parts such as light-weight pillars. They achieve a superior frequency of up to 150 lines per second and a high optical resolution of up to 150:1, enabling detailed thermal images from a longer distance.

DATAPAQ TP3 Data Logger Illustration: The Datapaq TP3 gathers detailed data and compiles reports that comply with Nadcap AMS 2750E and CQI-9

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