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Industry Applications -- Industrial Coating

Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coating
Thermal Profiling in the Industrial Coating Industry

Datapaq® thermal profiling systems offer a reliable means of measuring the true product and environmental temperature in various types of industrial coating processes and applications. All Datapaq systems are comprised of Insight™ software, data loggers, and a selection of protective thermal barriers and thermocouples. Our systems help you make changes in temperature to improve product quality and increase profitability in the following areas:

  • Finished product quality - Prove that your oven provides the necessary cure schedule to give the physical and cosmetic coating properties you require. Prevent under cure or over cure issues, risk of downtime, costly rejects or rework and product recalls.
  • Process validation - Create the certified traceable profile report to prove to any customer and regulatory body (Qualicoat, ISO9000, CQI-12) that your process is in control. The single page report could win you that next contract.
  • Optimize productivity and efficiency - Use accurate profile data to optimize your oven. Maximize line speed to give optimal productivity without risking product quality. Make oven temperature setpoint adjustments to reduce power consumption. Imagine the potential energy cost savings you could achieve over the next 12 months!
  • Rapid problem solving - Highlight oven problems immediately and use data information to recommend corrective action. Prove that any service or maintenance carried out has been successful. Remember, each lost hour of production is costly to your company.

Note that our product recommendations are based on the most common applications. For specific needs, please contact your local sales office.

Automotive Manufacturing

Datapaq systems are used in automotive manufacturing applications from coating of the entire car body to individual exterior and interior components:

  • Coating of car body shell in automotive assembly: E-coat, PVC sealants/adhesives, primer surfacing, base coat, top/clear coat. Recommended products: Oven Tracker XL2, Specialized Oven System - AutoPaq or one of the Customized Oven Systems
  • Coating of parts and accessories supplied to automotive OEMs. Recommended products: Oven Tracker XL2, EasyTrack3 or one of the Customized Oven Systems.
    • Alloy wheels, fenders (bumpers) and external trim, wing mirror housing, roof racks, headlamp housing
    • Engine blocks, oil filters, brake pads, air bags
    • Internal trim, control panels, rubber door seals, internal cloth coverings

Automotive Application Success Stories (PDF)

Paint, Powder and Custom Coating

Oven Tracker XL2 or EasyTrack3 systems are used in paint and powder coating within any OEM operation where the company coats the product as part of the manufacturing process. Oven Tracker XL2 or EasyTrack3 are also used by custom coating companies to apply coatings to other manufacturer’s products using various technologies: Ecoat, solvent-based paint, powder. The list of coated products includes:

  • Architectural - external and internal structural work
  • Agricultural and construction equipment
  • Security and many types of fencing
  • Domestic appliances (white goods)
  • Office, home and outdoor metal furniture
  • Fire extinguishers and gas cylinders
  • Bicycles and children’s outdoor play equipment
  • Wood and Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) products

Paint and Powder Suppliers

The Datapaq Oven Tracker XL2 or EasyTrack3 systems are a critical part of many paint reps' or service engineers' tool boxes to maximize the service offered to their customers. These systems can be essential in winning and protecting business. The most frequent applications include:

  • R&D of new chemistries
  • Oven commissioning and optimization
  • Fault finding studies
  • Oven service & maintenance programs

High Temperature Coating

Oven Tracker XL2, EasyTrack3 or one of the Customized Oven Systems are able to withstand also high temperature coating processes where temperatures exceed 300°C/572°F in:

  • PTFE cure and manufacturing of cooking utensils, cookware, as well as, irons and hair grooming products
  • High temperature Dacromet coatings for nuts, bolts, catches and general fixings

Coil Coating

Specialty Oven Systems help monitor coating processes used in the manufacture of coil strip for:

  • Construction products
  • Cookware and domestic appliances
  • Packaging and transportation

Oven Manufacturers

Oven Tracker XL2, EasyTrack3 or one of the Customized Oven Systems are used by oven manufacturers in various stages in R&D in laboratory product specification. Temperature profiling systems help with new product design and testing, as well as:

  • Customer product selection and demonstrations
  • Quality audits and accredited applicator status verification
  • Service, support and fault finding
  • Oven commissioning
  • Oven service and maintenance

Metal Packaging

Manufacturers of packaging products use Datapaq systems in variety of coating processes:

Textile Manufacturing

Datapaq thermal profiling systems are used to monitor cure processes in textile products manufacturing:


With Datapaq systems, you can monitor oven and product temperatures during either rotomolding or slush manufacturing processes:

Specialty Coating

Datapaq offers Specialty Oven Systems for specialty coating, such as Physical Vapor Deposition applications, as well as Customized Oven Systems to meet specialized process requirements in a variety of applications:

  • Consumer plastic goods manufacturing: mobile phone cases, cameras, laptops
  • Small components manufacturing: small toys, pens, tools
  • Wood and MDF coatings
  • Glass fiber insulation
  • Adhesive tape and adhesive activation
  • Lithographic printing
  • PVC floor coverings

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