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Temperature Profiling in Glass Manufacturing
Thermal Profiling in Glass Manufacturing

Glass is being used in an ever wider range of applications, from traditional glazing through solar coated and self-cleaning windows, to large displays and tablet/phone touchscreens. As a result the manufacturing processes are changing; becoming more complex and with that comes the need to measure and control them.

Measuring the exact temperature of the glass as it moves through the furnaces, lehrs or vacuum coaters is critical to ensuring the quality of the finished product. This can only be achieved by using an in-process temperature profiler such as the Datapaq® Furnace Tracker®. Temperature profiling with the Furnace Tracker System can also help reduce reject rates and maximize product throughput, while minimizing energy costs.

The Datapaq Furnace Tracker system now features an all-new range of high temperature low height thermal barriers that enables users for the first time to profile flat glass annealing in furnaces where clearances are as low as 30mm/1.18".

For more details on this application, view our videos:

Datapaq also offers a wide range of thermal barriers, each optimized for different process conditions, such as for lehrs and autoclaves.

Vacuum coaters demand an entirely different approach to thermal protection and the new VB range of thermal barriers supplies this. Used in applications from below 100°C/212°F and up to 650°C/1200°F with durations ranging from a few minutes to many hours, these barriers are enabling Datapaq systems to pass through vacuum coaters and record accurate temperature profiles from the glass at all stages of the process.

You can read more about thermal profiling in glass manufacturing in our Customer Success Story - Flat Glass Tempering in Low Height Furnaces.

Datapaq is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of temperature profiling systems renowned for reliability, accuracy and rugged design to withstand the harshest environments found in hostile heat treatment processes. To discuss your application needs, please contact your local Datapaq sales office.

Glass Manufacturing
  • Glass Containers and Crystal Glassware Annealing
  • Automotive Glass Forming
  • Flat Glass Tempering
  • Windshield Manufacturing
  • Vacuum Coating Glass
  • Headlamp and Spotlamp Bulb Annealing
  • Autoclave and PVD Glass Processing

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