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About Datapaq®

Datapaq is the world's leading company for temperature profiling in hostile thermal environments. To become the leader, Datapaq has produced and continues to produce durable, accurate, and user-friendly thermal profiling systems consisting of highly accurate temperature data loggers, rugged thermal barriers and easy-to-use analytical software.

Founded in 1984, Datapaq introduced its first product in 1985. Our goal is to provide every manufacturing company key information on the effectiveness of their manufacturing processes; continuous, semi-continuous and batch ovens, kilns and furnaces. With the use of the most advanced and highly tested techniques for accurately gathering and storing information, Datapaq has created industry specific standards to analyze, synthesize and report information in a precise, succinct manner.

Our commitment to technology and innovation continues to be at the core of our strategy. We believe our products and technical expertise, as well as worldwide service coverage and technical support will be telling factors in the growth of our customers' business.

In 2009, Datapaq joined two other leading brands - Raytek® and Ircon®, to provide our customers with additional solutions for their industrial manufacturing needs.  As complimentary brands, Raytek and Ircon offer a complete line of infrared sensors, linescanners and thermal imaging systems for use in today’s most demanding environments. 

Datapaq, Raytek and Ircon have joined together as Fluke Process Instruments.  With over a century of combined experience in developing innovative products that improve product quality and reduce waste, our team is committed to achieving new advancements that will benefit end-users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.

Datapaq offers temperature profiling systems in six major areas:
Oven Tracker® Systems for the finishing, paint and powder coating industries
Furnace Tracker® Systems for heat treatment processes and furnace surveys
Kiln Tracker® Systems for tunnel & roller hearth kilns used in the process of firing ceramic products
Reflow Tracker® Systems for PCB and electronics board manufacturing
Solar Tracker® Systems for solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing
Food Tracker® Systems for food processing
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