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Datapaq® Advantage

Thousands of satisfied customers choose Datapaq and continue to rely on Datapaq to help maximize the potential of their industrial heating processes.

View our Customers Success Stories to learn more about how using Datapaq temperature profiling systems has benefitted our customers.

What is the Datapaq Advantage and what does it mean for our customers?
Temperature profiling is what we do.  We are The Worldwide Leader in Temperature Profiling, supplying customer solutions for the global market for over twenty-five (25) years.
Joined with Raytek & Ircon, The Worldwide Leader in Noncontact Temperature Measurement, and now part of Fluke Process Instruments, we have the financial muscle necessary to guarantee long term stability and future technological growth.
Pioneering many industrial firsts, market innovations and new technologies, we are the company others want to emulate and many try to copy.
Our technology is tried, tested, used and approved by thousands of satisfied customers globally – we won’t expect you to do our beta testing!
We are a company that understands your market application needs and is committed to meeting them.  From the initial consultation to development of the final temperature profiling system, we will work to develop a solution that works for you and your process.
All Datapaq systems are designed and manufactured to meet ISO9001 global quality standards you can trust.
Many of our customers are industry leaders themselves; American Standard, Chrysler LLC, DuPont, PPG, Ford, GM, Toyota, BMW, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, NEC, Sony, Toyota, Akzo Nobel, Tyson, Cargill Foods, Despatch, Centrotherm and many others utilize Datapaq Tracker Systems for their temperature monitoring and analysis needs.

With a network of over fifty (50) experienced agents worldwide and international sales offices located in the UK, Germany, China and the USA, we provide local service and support you can rely on - time after time.

For more information, download The Datapaq Advantage flyer (PDF) in US Letter size or A4 size and the company brochure "Temperature Profiling - It's what we do!" (PDF) in A4 size.

Datapaq offers temperature profiling systems in six major areas:
Oven Tracker® Systems for the finishing, paint and powder coating industries
Furnace Tracker® Systems for heat treatment processes and furnace surveys
Kiln Tracker® Systems for tunnel & roller hearth kilns used in the process of firing ceramic products
Reflow Tracker® Systems for PCB and electronics board manufacturing
Solar Tracker® Systems for solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing
Food Tracker® Systems for food processing
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