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Customized Oven Systems

Made-to-order oven systems for unique applications
Insight™ software for easy and efficient data interpretation and reporting
Highly accurate and versatile data loggers
Large selection of thermal barriers to suit nearly any oven or application
Live real-time analysis and review of process data with Telemetry System
Datapaq Q18 Data Logger
Datapaq Q18 DQ1860 Data Logger Customized Thermal Barriers Customized Thermocouoples
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Customized Products - Overview

Customers worldwide use Datapaq temperature profiling and monitoring systems with their powder coating equipment in the automotive, industrial powder coating to optimize product quality, reduce waste and prove compliance with ISO9000. 

When standard and specialty systems will not meet your exact application requirements, Datapaq will build a custom system using Insight™ thermal profiling software, an extensive range of custom barriers and thermocouples, as well as the Q18 and Tpaq21 data loggers.

In addition, Datapaq offers a complete thermal profiling system for real-time data analysis - TM21 Radio Telemetry System.

Oven Tracker Insight Software

To learn more about the new features and benefits of Insight V7.3 software, fill out our brief form.

Datapaq powerful Insight analysis software has been designed specifically to convert raw temperature data into meaningful information that can be used to understand, control and optimize your cure process. Complex calculations are simplified, allowing quick and comprehensive analysis. Detailed information of your oven gives you the reporting power you need in a single page report. It’s easy-to-use, highly accurate and efficient.

With Insight software, you can print a detailed, certified and traceable profile report at just the click of a button. Wizard-based setup screens, cure prediction and enhanced process help to make Insight the most advanced temperature monitoring software package available.

 For detailed information, download the Oven Tracker Insight Software brochure (PDF).

Q18 Data Logger

The Q18 data loggers have been designed using the latest miniaturized electronic packaging technology, enabling us to combine speed of readings, superb accuracy and high resolution all in one versatile unit.

  • Temperature Range: -200°C to 1370°C/-328°F to 2498°F
  • Status indicators and stop/start buttons
  • Fast sampling capability and large memory
  • Two models available: DQ1860 and DQ1862 in two height and width options
  • Equipped with an internal NiMH battery and intelligent fast charger circuits allowing the user to leave the logger permanently charging with no risk of damage to the battery
  • Start/stop buttons, time or temperature trigger, allowing greater user control

For detailed information and system specifications, download the Q18 brochure (PDF).

Tpaq21 Data Logger

Compact, highly sophisticated and accurate, this logger records 130,000 data readings over 10 selectable channels. Variable sampling intervals and multiple event programming provide detailed analysis where heat treatment processes are followed by fast moving sections of the product temperature profile, such as in gas or water quenches.

  • 8 or 10 channels for maximum data collection on each run
  • Two battery types for operation in normal and high ambient temperatures
    • Models: TP2086 and TP2016 - operating temperature 70°C / 158°F
    • Models: TP2186 and TP2116 - operating temperature 110°C / 230°F
  • Hot data protected by non-volatile memory or software warning if reset is attempted before download
  • USB communication for rapid data download to laptops
  • Push start/stop buttons for easy user control
  • Rugged industrial case and electronics allows operation in harsh environments of dust, pressure, and vacuum
  • 'Multiple events' allows sampling interval changes during the run - ideal for water and gas quench processes

For detailed information and system specifications, download the Tpaq21 brochure (PDF).

TM21 Radio Telemetry System (Tpaq21 and Q18 Data Loggers)

The Datapaq Oven Tracker Radio Telemetry System utilizes the latest radio frequency technology to allow transmission of temperature data from a Data Logger in real time. As the system travels through the oven process data can be viewed, analyzed and reported instantaneously. By running the Oven Tracker Insight software on your PC see product temperature information as it happens.

System can be tailored to meet your specific process requirements from batch process to demanding conveyorised processes. Provided with either Tpaq21 or Q18 logger technology.

For detailed information and system specifications, download the Tpaq21 Radio Telemetry System brochure and Q18 Radio Telemetry System brochure (PDF).

Customized Systems Thermal Barriers

Datapaq thermal barriers come in all shapes and sizes to suit nearly any oven or application. Please contact your Datapaq sales office for custom manufactured thermal barriers to suit specific process requirements where a standard range thermal barrier may not be suitable.

  • TB0021 High temperature long duration processes, including PTFE Teflon Cure & DACROMET
  • TB0045 Three-piece can wicket oven profiling- portable system for traveling paint reps
  • TB2003 Low height clearance cure profiling, including two-piece can internal bake oven
  • TB2015 Low height clearance applications, including:
    - Lithographic cure on polycarbonate automotive fascias
    - Plastisol cure on bottle caps
    - Vacuum forming automotive vinyl door panels
  • TB2021 Confined space profiling, including chain on edge and rubber vulcanization of automotive door seals
  • TB5000-HT High temperature thermal barrier for use with PTFE DACROMET processes, fitted with glass fiber rope thermocouple exit seal for high temperature operations
  • TB5001 Medium height clearance, including high temperature, long duration mesh belt conveyorized processes
  • TB5004 Low height clearance, including high temperature long duration mesh belt conveyorized processes
  • TB5016-RP Rotomolding thermal barrier for use where mold cooling involves water

Thermocouple probes are an essential part of a Datapaq Oven Tracker system. They are placed at critical points on the product to give a clear profile of the temperature throughout the process. All Datapaq probes conform to the highest standards (ANSI MC 96.1 Special Limits of Error) and provide the most accurate data possible. Improved probe cables make them durable and flexible. The quad-wrapped, 10 strand 36 AWG (0.125mm), PTFE and metal braid coated probe cables last significantly longer than previous designs.

The probe is further improved by a stronger 'crimped' plug/cable attachment and a circular cable cross section to reduce kinking and twisting. The color green of the cable conforms to the IEC584 color standard for Type K thermocouples.

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