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The Winning Solution – from the Industry Leaders

Datapaq® and Raytek® now offer a solution that combines the strengths of two measuring systems for glass tempering furnaces

Datapaq Furnace Tracker® Series - the industry leading high-temperature thermal profiling system.   Raytek MP150 Linescanner - the most widely used solution for real-time process temperature imaging.

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Quickly and accurately set up the furnace for different glass thicknesses for increased throughput
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Measure precise temperatures of low-e glass for efficient processing of high value end products
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Reduce overheating to ensure best finished product quality
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Identify furnace problems immediately for early error correction and minimized downtime
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Optimize furnace settings for reduced energy costs per sheet of glass processed
Learn more about Complete Temperature Monitoring Solution for Glass Tempering Furnaces
Request your Complete Temperature Monitoring Solution for Glass Tempering Furnaces Now!
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